"And suddenly all the love songs were about you" The music in Woman as a Foreign Language

There are many songs mentioned in this book. I think songs can do much more than just setting the atmosphere for a love scene. They have the power of shaping our feelings and defining them, and often I felt that a song was the best way to express what was passing through Nina's and Julia/n's minds.

"Rainbow Sleeves", was written by Tom Waits and recorded by Ricky Lee Jones in 1983, but Nina would probably know it in the dark-red-velvet voice of Tim Boyle of the Tim Boyle Trio.

"You're Gorgeous", by Babybird, came out as a single in 1996 and also in the album "Ugly Beautiful". In the same album you can find also the perfectly bloodcurdling "King Bing".

"Je ne veux pas de ton amour" was written by Barbara Weldens and released in her album "Le grand H de l'homme". Barbara died tragically shortly after, on stage. A terrible loss.

Julia/n's passion for Diana Krall is quite understandable. What a voice! Listening to her is like sinking in warm honey. "Let's Fall in Love" is a song written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler and published in 1933. Diana recorded her version in 1999 for the album "When I Look in your Eyes". "Temptation" is another piece by Tom Waits, released in 1987. Krall recorded it in 2004, for the album "The Girl in the Other Room". "A Case of You" was written in 1970 by Joni Mitchell. Listen to Diana's version from "Live in Paris", 2002, and you'll see where Julia/n learnt to say darling in such a way as to melt Nina's heart.

“Let it be me” is a song by the Everly Brothers, first released in 1958. Julia/n and I are partial to the Willy Deville's version especially the one from the “The Willy Deville Acoustic Trio in Berlin”, 2002.

A few more songs that are not in the story but would fit very well are Diana Krall's incredibly sensual version of "Sway", "I've got you under my skin", and her "Isn't it romantic", and Willy Deville's "Heaven stood still".